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Appliance Cleaning Tips

Our neighborhood blog over at the main Windermere website has published an article detailing cleaning tips for common household appliances, which we thought might be worth sharing in the link below. There are also a couple of inspection-adjacent items that are worth adding to the list, if anyone wants to move beyond cleaning and into some minor foolproofing strategies.

  • If your refrigerator has an icemaker, take precautions to ensure the water line behind the fridge doesn’t leak. This can range anywhere from replacing a plastic line with copper or braided metal to installing an automatic shutoff valve that can detect leaks.
  • If your microwave doubles as a vent hood that exhausts to the outside, make sure that ventilation is fully functional.
  • A leak below the dishwasher can also lead to damage to your home; there are pans you can install below a dishwasher that vary in complexity, with some simply angling leaking water out so you can observe it sooner, while others contain an automatic shutoff.
  • Washing machines also have available automatic shutoff valves; for dryers, most inspectors recommend replacing the flexible metal duct with a rigid equivalent to ensure lint buildup doesn’t accumulate overmuch.

7 Tips for Cleaning Your Appliances – Windermere Real Estate