Portland Oregon Real Estate Market November 28, 2011

Best Bang for your Buck!

I’m often asked by home owners and sellers “What can I do to make my home more appealing?” Depending on the home, the suggestions can be many! However, more times than not, painting is the most cost effective way to transform a room or freshen up the exterior of a home. Here in the northwest, the exterior of a home takes a beating from the elements. After a few years, even with the best of applications, paint can fade, chip, or begin to peel. Interior walls may have subtle wear marks and dings. If it’s been a while since the last paint job, the colors may be dated.
Quick tips if considering selling your home:

Neutral colors are usually best. Lighter colors help smaller rooms look larger and brighter. If you have questions about color, consult a professional home stager, or take some photos to your local paint store. Usually they are up to date on what colors are popular and would look good in certain rooms. Also, use colors that compliment furniture you will be using to stage the home. Look in home magazines to get color and decorating ideas!
If you don’t need to paint the whole interior of the home, painting bathrooms and kitchens is a way to make a home brighten up and appear clean.
If painting the whole exterior of the home is too big of an undertaking, putting a fresh coat of paint on the front door can do wonders. Sometimes a bright impact, or “punch,” color can provide for nice curb appeal.

If you are not a good painter, or not comfortable getting up and down a ladder, hire a professional. The only thing worse than old paint, is a poor paint job, with undercoat still showing through, or wall paint bleeding onto the ceiling or trim.
Finally, when possible, use low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint to keep harmful chemicals and additives to a minimum. Most paint companies now offer these and they do not cost much more.
I hope this has been helpful information. Now put on your old clothes, grab that roller, and have some fun!