Portland Oregon Real Estate Market December 10, 2014

The Oregon / SW Washington Economy

"What do you think the maket will do next year?" "Are interest rates going up anytime soon?"  "What's happening with the local job market and is that going to impact my selling?"  "Am I better to buy/sell now vs. later?"   These are just a few of the questions I'm often asked by friends and clients. Oh, how I wish I had the proverbial "crystal ball" to answer some of these questions!  However, I feel that Mathew Gardner, a renowned Northwest real estate economist, provides us with the next best thing with the release of his 3rd Quarter Report.  For those, like me, that sometimes get overwhelmed with details, Mr. Gardner does a fabulous job of explaining the local economy and housing market in layman's terms, and provides easy-to-read charts and graphs to display his points.