Portland Oregon Real Estate Market October 26, 2015

What are Portland’s Hottest Neighborhoods?

Portland just had its hottest summer (3rd quarter) in years, with almost 10,000 homes sold in the Portland region between July and September. To put that in perspective, Q3 2015 in Portland had almost 2000 MORE solds than Q3 2014, which was an extremely busy real estate summer as well. The article below ranks the top 25 Portland Metro Area zip codes in amount of sales. 9 of the 25 are directly in Portland’s city limits, while the remainder are suburbs and nearby cities.

The article has labelled each zip code as a specific “neigbhorhood.” While this isn’t 100% accurate, as many neighborhoods are delineated on a street-by-street basis, it does provide solid insight into the areas of Portland that are seeing the hottest real estate activity.Some hightlghts include:

– Milwaukie ranks at #23 with 155 homes sold in Q3 2015. The completion of the new MAX line like influenced this uptick in activity, as many buyers – in my personal experience – are looking to take advantage of the new convenience of public transit.

– Sellwood/Moreland ranks as #16, with 183 houses sold. This almost seems low, given the frenzy that occurs whenever a Sellwood home pops up on the market, but Sellwood residents likely value the convenience and walkability of the neighborhood so much that many are reticent to sell.

See the full article HERE. Feel free to contact me with any questions! If you are in one of the neighborhoods and think this means it’s the right time to sell, give me a call! I’d be happy to discuss market value and listing strategies with you.