Portland Oregon Real Estate Market April 15, 2019

RMLS Market Action – March 2019

Every month the RMLS publishes its Market Action, which highlight’s the previous month’s real estate trends and compares them with year-over-year trends. The full report can be found HERE. For March 2019, the trends display a cooler market than in March 2018, but a warmer market when compared to the previous months. While months inventory has risen since March 2018, it has fallen to start the new year, indicating homes still moving rapidly. Appreciation over the last 12 months has seen a 3.9% increase in median sales price.

This data seems to reinforce the anecdotal impression that we are hitting more of a “plateau” in the market following the last five years of torrid growth. That being said, with rates still low and people still moving to Portland, there is little expectation of the market declining; rather, appreciation is instead forecasted to continue at a slower rate.

Feel free to ask any for any additional info or data if you have questions!