Portland Oregon Real Estate Market October 8, 2019

Multnomah County Wood Smoke Restrictions

As of Tuesday 10/1, Multnomah County’s seasonal wood smoke restrictions have taken effect. These restrictions forbid homes and businesses from burning wood on days with already-poor air quality, and these limitations will last for the next six months.

The ordinance was passed in February 2018 and is meant to counteract the deleterious effects wood-burning particles can have on air quality. There are exemptions for low-income families, households whose only heat source is a wood-burning stove/fireplace, and homes and restaurants that use wood to cook.

Last year had two no-burn days on the schedule and no fines were issued to offending households – although warning letters were dispensed by the county – but this year Multnomah County seems more intent on leveraging these prescribed fines.

The entire article on this subject can be found HERE, while the county’s website for daily air quality is located HERE. I love a good fire during the colder months, so I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on their updates!