Portland Oregon Real Estate Market November 12, 2020

How Time Flies; Time to Winterize!

As the cold weather hits us in earnest, it’s time to ensure our homes are appropriately protected against winter weather. I’ve enumerated a few steps below that could prove useful in warding off the adverse effects of the cold and rain.

  • Either turn off water to your hose-bibs or simply enclose them in an insulated cover.
  • Caulk around drafty windows and doors.
  • Service your furnace and change the filter – especially after all that smoke!
  • Clean your gutters and patch any exposed nail-heads with roofing tar, along with ensuring the rubber vent collars aren’t cracked.
  • Trim back plants and make sure any sprinkler systems are turned off for the winter.
  • Finally, have a couple of snow tools – window scraper, snow shovel, etc – on hand just in case!

If you need service providers for any winterization-related needs, don’t hesitate to reach out!