Portland Oregon Real Estate Market December 1, 2020

Some Fun Real Estate Facts!

While tips on winterization and market updates are useful blog topics, sometimes it can be fun to inject a bit more levity into our posts! I’ve dug up a few real estate “fun facts” that I thought were worth sharing:

  1. There is a Manhattan mansion that is owned by 5 different countries! Per THIS article, the property was originally owned by the Republic of Yugoslavia, but when it broke into multiple nations, all those nations duly became co-owners of the mansion. Sometimes the City of Portland can be a little slow to respond; I can’t imagine having 5 national governments as a seller!
  2. In Scotland, painting one’s front door red means they’ve successfully paid off their mortgage, per THIS article. I wouldn’t repaint my house to better match a red door, but if the colors already fit, it might be a fun thing to do once I’m free and clear!
  3. And finally: the Bavarian (German) town of Nordlingen is built upon a meteor! THIS article notes that the mineral content of the meteor also contains minute precious gemstones. As you can see in the photo below, the town’s urban planning has certainly been influenced by the underlying celestial body.


See the source image


Feel free to share these with friends and family, or simply hold them in your back pocket for any eventual trivia nights!