Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Pets and Carpets! As our pets do more and more damage to our carpets, we’ve started to explore replacement options that are ideally more animal-proof than our current flooring. This article has some great insights into the materials and styles that can combat the claws of our furry friends!
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Appliance Cleaning Tips Our neighborhood blog over at the main Windermere website has published an article detailing cleaning tips for common household appliances, which we thought might be worth sharing in the link below. There are also a couple of inspection-adjacent items that are worth adding to the list, if anyone wants to move beyond cleaning and into […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Removing Mortgage Insurance While the fourth quarter of 2022 saw prices begin to stabilize after record increases over the previous few years, purchasers who bought recently with less than 20% down may already be eligible to have mortgage insurance removed from their loan! Mortgage insurance is required for any loan product with less than 20% down, and it […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Gardner Report – Q3 2021 As he does every quarter, Matthew Gardner – Windermere’s chief economist – has published his review of the Oregon and SW Washington economic conditions and how they are set to influence the housing market. A link to the full report can be found HERE. There are a few salient points that I’d like to recap […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market 1st Quarter Oregon and SW Washington Real Estate Market Update Renowned real estate economist, Matthew Gardner, has released his 1st Quarter report for the real estate markets in Oregon and SW Washington.  The figures are quite amazing, as we have seen rampant appreciation in home values across most of the area from the same period last year.  To see his informative report, click HERE. If […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Fun Springtime Projects! As the old adage goes, April shower bring May flowers, but those flowers still need to get planted first! Warmer and wetter weather means it’s time for all the landscaping projects you might have brainstormed throughout the winter, and the Portland Nursery website (see HERE) has a great collection of ideas for you to browse. […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market “So How’s The Market?” Since the pandemic has started, we’ve gotten a lot of questions as to how the real estate market has been impacted. In March and April of 2020, our answers were pretty pessimistic, with the “stay home” orders just sinking in. Over the summer, we were more upbeat, as a lot of first time buyers – […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market 4th Quarter Economic/Real Estate Report for Oregon & SW Washington – Matthew Gardner As we reach the halfway point of the 1st Quarter of 2021, we are now digesting the numbers and trends from end months of 2020.  In Matthew Gardner’s 4th Quarter Report, you will find out how the trends of the last quarter will impact our local market in the coming months.  See what is causing […]
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Portland Oregon Real Estate Market What Will the New Year Bring? As the glow of the holidays fades, a new year can bring sudden shifts to the real estate market. In January 2013, it felt like the renewal of the real estate market happened all at once! This year, I’m curious to see how inventory is affected by the start of the selling season and a […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Happy New Year! A lot of ink will be spilled providing retrospectives of the year that was, but as a real estate agent I certainly don’t feel qualified to perform that function. So, to keep it short, sweet, and heartfelt, I just wanted to thank all of you for your support this year, and I hope you I […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Some Fun Real Estate Facts! While tips on winterization and market updates are useful blog topics, sometimes it can be fun to inject a bit more levity into our posts! I’ve dug up a few real estate “fun facts” that I thought were worth sharing: There is a Manhattan mansion that is owned by 5 different countries! Per THIS article, […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market How Time Flies; Time to Winterize! As the cold weather hits us in earnest, it’s time to ensure our homes are appropriately protected against winter weather. I’ve enumerated a few steps below that could prove useful in warding off the adverse effects of the cold and rain. Either turn off water to your hose-bibs or simply enclose them in an insulated […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market 3rd Quarter Economic/Real Estate Report for Oregon and SW Washington – Matthew Gardener Our incredibly insightful local real estate economist, Matthew Gardner, just released his 3rd Quarter Gardner Report, providing insights to where our local real estate market is, and where it’s headed in the months to come.  With COVID-19 ramifications,  our country’s elections, and historically low mortgage interest rates, there is a lot for for buyers and […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market How Has COVID-19 Changed Demand? In the midst of a worldwide pandemic that has changed the way we work, play, and live, we are seeing some buyers changing their wishlists when it comes to purchasing a home. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently published their biennial survey on community and transportation preferences. The story therein is that certain buyers […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market By The Numbers – July 2020 Windermere has recently published a comprehensive statistical overview of the local market and the percentage changes we’ve seen in important categories such as inventory, days on market, and sold price. Take a look at the link below – the data is sorted by zip code and region so it should have at least some info […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market When Prices are Too Good to be True The new year has seen a notable uptick in buyer activity, with the low mortgage rates being the primary motivator for homebuyers to enter the market. Inventory in the Portland Metro area, however, has remained quite low, particularly with regard to detached single-family homes. The high demand and persistently low supply has meant the continued […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market 2019 Year End Real Estate Statistics With the beginning of 2019 showing signs that we may begin to see a well needed increase in listing inventory, the year wrapped up with some of our tightest inventory numbers we’ve seen since March 2018.  What’s driving these low numbers?  Well, we had fewer new listings the last quarter of 2019, combined with first […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Don’t Let Your Smoke Alarm Ring in the New Year! One lesser-known mandatory element of any home sale is having smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors fully compliant with local codes. We’ve included the link to the Oregon Fire Marshal page on smoke alarm and CO detector requirements below. To summarize: smoke detectors are to be installed on each level of the house and in […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Tax Time! It’s November, which means it’s time for Oregon residents to get their property tax bills for the year. When I assist buyers in finding a house, they often notice property tax discrepancies in otherwise-comparable properties, which can sometimes be the differentiating factor in making a decision on a home. Since it’s the season for property […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Incoming Cold Snap – Time to Winterize? The end of October is already ushering in winter temperatures, with overnight lows forecasted to fall at or below freezing for several evenings this week. To combat freezing temperatures, preemptively winterizing external plumbing can help avoid frozen pipes. Hose bibs are the most universal outdoor plumbing element and can be winterized by disconnecting hoses, turning […]